A Healthcare provider in Lakewood, WA is seeking a Registered Dietitian with recent experience as an RDN.

Job Description
• Dietitians who cover the patient care areas of the Child Study & Treatment Center (CSTC) or the
Habilitative Mental Health (HMH) (serving our patients with an intellectual developmental disability)
when solely assigned to these areas (and no other patient care areas), will be an integral part of
treatment programming for patients in these patient care areas.
• Facilitating class and groups (e.g. related knowledge, skill development, health-related concepts,
field trip planning, etc.) as applicable on a weekly basis (with the allowance of exceptions).
• Attend patient treatment meetings weekly (with the allowance of exceptions).
• Rounding on wards with patient interactions multiple times through the week (with the allowance
of exceptions).
• Attend patient community meetings as applicable at least once per month (with the allowance of
• Participate in patient program activities as applicable at least once per month within the scheduled
work shift (with the allowance of exceptions).
• Conduct meal observations at least twice per month (with the allowance of exceptions).
• Active involvement in planning food-related activities with other treatment team members in
patient care areas (with the allowance of exceptions).
• Meet in person with patients based upon the established schedule and in accordance with the
department safety plan (with the allowance of exceptions).
• Help manage, guide, & direct the Nutrition School Meal (Breakfast and Lunch) Program software
platform in conjunction with the CSTC food manager, the department food manager, the clinical
nutrition manager, and the menu specialist.

Who should apply?
• Professionals with a bachelor's degree with a major in Dietetics and Nutrition and completion of the
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics education program.
• Registered Dietitian status: 24 months of recent full-time experience as an RDN.