6 Months to Hire based on Attendance, Performance, Quality, and overall Business Needs

Shift: 1st Shift (7:00am-3:30pm) Pay $19.14

2nd Shift (3:30pm-12:00am) Pay $19.64

Job Summary:

  • Plans and performs a variety of fabrication operations utilizing contact bender, vibrating equipment, punch press, foot shear, solder, and drill press to drill, bend, shear, punch, solder and clean work pieces to fabrication drawing specifications by performing the following duties.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Reads blueprint, work order, shop notes and tooling instructions for specifications such as hole locations and size, length of cut, bend lengths, bend angles and type of cleaning and gauging to perform.
  • Communicate with team leader to determine the proper method to complete the assigned job.
  • Vibrate contacts by placing contacts in vibrator, clamping and starting machine.
  • Do minor set ups on contact bender.
  • Bend contacts by placing part in contact bender and moving lever to operate machine.
  • Verify proper contact bend by referencing blueprint.
  • Operate punch press machines. (No set up required)
  • Assemble contacts by pressing rivets into parts and soldering with induction machine.
  • Make shunts using tape measure, foot shear, band saw, tin pot and hammer.
  • Grind, file and sand aluminum or steel parts to meet print specifications.
  • Clean weld spatter from welded assemblies.
  • Clean, polish and buff silver brazed parts to print specifications.
  • Set contacts to print specifications using gauges and hand tools.
  • Sand blast parts using hand held hose with foot pedal or hand lever to control the flow of sand.
  • Maintain equipment and working area in a clean and orderly condition.