Job Description

Machine Control Software Systems Engineer

Position Background:

This machine control software engineer will write software to control wafer handling functions for our ion implanter systems. Ion implanter systems are large complex capital equipment systems used by semiconductor manufacturers. These fully automated systems run 24/7 and are used in the manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuits. These systems implant ions into silicon wafers by directing an ion beam onto the wafers. Wafer processing rates exceed 500 wafers per hour and must be exceedingly reliable with maximum uptime and an absolute minimum of failures.

All wafer handling and processing is done in the end station portion of the system. The end station consists of multiple cassettes for bringing wafer to and from the system, a process chamber in a high vacuum environment, multiple robots in the normal atmosphere environment, multiple robots in the vacuum environment, vacuum load locks, aligners, and multiple additional sensors and actuators. Some robots are purchased commercial robots and others are completely custom. Wafer handling control is done using Delta Tau PMAC controllers and commercial servo amplifiers.

Position Responsibilities:

· Design, implement, and test machine control software to control new wafer handling features and to make changes to existing wafer handling control methods.

· Learn and fully understand present wafer handling hardware and robot operations.

· Learn and fully understand new wafer handling hardware in order to write software to control the hardware.

· Modify machine control software to add new functionality, to meet new requirements, improve present operation, and to optimize present operation.

· Suggest, develop, evaluate, and implement improvements to wafer handling reliability, throughput, manufacturability, functionality, testability, and system diagnostics.

· Diagnose wafer handling failures that occur on systems in Manufacturing and in the field.

· Operate the wafer handling portion of an ion implantation system in order to develop and test new software and hardware controls. This is a hands on position.

· Write automated robot setup routines.

· Writes automated subsystem verification and test routines.

· Write software for field analysis and diagnosis of wafer handling failures.

· Provide technical customer support, troubleshooting and field support as required.

· Work closely with mechanical, hardware, validation/reliability and manufacturing engineering disciplines.

Position Requirements:

· A minimum of a BS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

· A minimum 3 to 5 years work experience in industrial controls or wafer handling or robotics/automation.

· Will have written software to control electrical/mechanical systems & have excellent software skills.

· Experience in system integration.

· Knowledgeable in computer networking architectures, topologies and hardware and communication protocols such as TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, & USB.

· Embedded hardware/software architecture, design and debugging experience.

· Must be able to handle multiple tasks, have excellent attention to detail, and be willing and able to learn new technologies quickly.

· Have the ability to work effectively with engineers of other disciplines and be constantly searching for methods to improve the system.

· Have a good understanding of electrical/mechanical systems and the ability to understand how things work and be a hands-on person comfortable working in the lab on equipment

· Good verbal and written communications skills.

· Experience with laboratory test equipment.

· Semiconductor industry or similar experience is desired.

· Experience with Delta Tau PMAC controllers or other motion controller is desired.

· Training and or experience with robots, motors, actuators and servo systems is a plus.

· Experience with the C programming language is a plus.

· Knowledge/experience with real time control is a plus.