6 Months to Hire based on Attendance, Performance, Quality, and overall Business Needs

Shift: 1st Shift : 7:00am-3:30pm Pay $18.19

2nd Shift: 3:30pm-12am training 2 weeks (1st Shift: 7am-3:30pm) Pay $18.69

Job Summary:

  • Fabricates wooden crates or boxes using hand & power tools, and packs such items as machinery or other large or odd shaped products by performing the following duties.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Reads blueprints, shipping notices, and other specifications, and inspects product to determine size and shape of container, materials to be used, and types of supports and braces to be used.
  • Lays out dimensions on materials with ruler, measuring tape, and pencil.
  • Saws materials to size.
  • Assembles materials.
  • Places product in container.
  • Bolts heavy pieces to bottom of container or skid.
  • Wraps and pads product with excelsior, paper or other packing material.
  • Builds crate around large or odd shaped articles.
  • Nails cover on crate.
  • Wraps and tightens metal bands around crate.
  • Attaches identification labels or stencils containing such information as shipping destination, weight, and type of product contained on crate.
  • Repairs broken crates.
  • Counts items to be packed to ensure compliance with shipping orders.
  • Weighs loaded crate.
  • Transports products, containers, crates, lumber or other shipping materials using fork truck or pallet jack.
  • Maintains equipment and working area in a clean and orderly condition.