The Non-Metallic Material Testing Auditor for Performance Review Institute (PRI) position offers an excellent opportunity for retirees or consultants familiar with processes like Adhesive, Core, Fiber, Prepreg, and Resin. This role includes domestic and international travel, a flexible schedule (monthly or weekly audits), competitive compensation, and networking opportunities with industry professionals, providing a chance to stay updated on technology and industry advancements.


· Conduct thorough material testing audits with a focus on processes such as Adhesive, Core, Fiber, Prepreg, and Resin, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

· Evaluate the effectiveness of Non-Metallic Material Testing procedures, emphasizing adherence to quality benchmarks.

· Adapt to a flexible auditing schedule, accommodating varying frequencies based on preferences, whether on a monthly or weekly basis.

· Facilitate domestic and international travel for meticulous audits of material testing practices.

· Stay abreast of technology and industry developments, contributing insights to enhance testing processes.

· Network with industry professionals to foster collaborative relationships and stay informed about the latest trends in non-metallic material testing.

· Uphold a commitment to excellence, actively contributing to the continuous improvement of material testing practices.


Three years of hands-on experience in the Aerospace Industry, specifically involving the testing of non-metallic materials like Adhesive, Core, Fiber, Prepreg, and Resin. The experience should encompass familiarity with testing equipment and fixtures for Mechanical, Physical, Chemical,

Thermal/Analytical, and Flammability Testing, including proficiency in associated testing methods such as ASTM and EN.