The Coatings Auditor for Performance Review Institute (PRI) is an ideal opportunity for recent retirees or consultants with expertise in Thermal Spray, Diffusion Coatings, or Vapor Deposition processes. Enjoy flexible scheduling, domestic and international travel, competitive compensation (daily rate plus travel expenses), and networking with industry professionals, while staying abreast of the latest technological developments.


· Leverage expertise in Thermal Spray, Diffusion Coatings, or Vapor Deposition processes to conduct thorough audits, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

· Assess and evaluate coating applications, methodologies, and adherence to quality benchmarks.

· Adapt to a flexible auditing schedule based on personal preferences, whether conducting 1 or 2 audits monthly or opting for a more frequent weekly cadence.

· Facilitate domestic and international travel as part of audit assignments.

· Stay current with advancements in coating technologies, contributing to the continuous improvement of audit processes.

· Engage in networking opportunities with industry professionals to foster collaborative relationships.

· Uphold a commitment to excellence in all aspects of the auditing process.


· Possess a High School Diploma with a minimum of 10 years of relevant experience; alternatively, hold a bachelor's degree in engineering or Materials Science with 5 years of practical knowledge.

· Demonstrate working knowledge in one or more of the following processes: Thermal Spray, Diffusion Coatings, or Vapor Deposition.

· Exhibit a comprehensive understanding of coating testing and evaluation procedures.

· Bring a minimum of five years of auditing experience within the aerospace industry.

· Showcase in-depth knowledge of aerospace coating specifications, processes, and equipment.

· Possess expertise in Aerospace Quality Systems.