• Will be a member of the Application Consulting, Development, and Engineering Section under the Information and Technology Solutions Directorate supporting a suite of complex web and mobile applications.
  • Will support and develop software for a wide array of institutional tools
    and applications including the Laboratory’s project formulation platform, collaboration tools, various internal and external facing apps and web-based, cloud-based engineering sites.
  • Will join and contribute to a technical team using agile development methodologies in order to write, test, and deploy software applications, and provide supporting documentation and/or procedures for development and operations.
  • Will utilize extensive knowledge of scalable and modular systems to develop system architectures and help steer technical planning and decision making.

Required Skills:
1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
2. At least five years of experience developing highly performant web applications in distributed system environments
3. Extensive knowledge of building and architecting scalable enterprise applications and data aggregation systems
4. Demonstrates initiative and autonomy is a plus
5. Extensive knowledge and experience programming in Python, Go, HTML/CSS, Javascript
6. Extensive knowledge of web application development frameworks (e.g. Tornado, Django, Node.js)
7. Extensive knowledge of NoSQL solutions (e.g. ArangoDB, MongoDB, Neo4j, etc.)
8. Extensive knowledge of Relational Databases solutions (e.g. Postresql, mySQL, etc.)
9. Extensive knowledge in utilizing Restful web services frameworks
10. Experience with software versioning control systems (e.g. Git/GitHub)
11. Demonstrable technical writing and presentation skills, and shall have generated technical documents in support of software development project
12. Working knowledge of Software and Systems Engineering practices and artifacts

Desired Skills:
1. Typically has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or equivalent degree.
2. Understanding of Computer Science fundamentals and theory.
3. Experience with containerization and orchestration (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)
4. Experience issue-tracking systems (e.g. JIRA, ZenHub, etc.)
5. Experience working in an Agile/Scrum environment in multiple roles
6. Familiar knowledge of web front-end frameworks (e.g. React, Polymer, Angular, etc.)
7. Experience with Amazon Web Services and related products.