As our Regional Design Practice Leader, you will be responsible for regional business operations. You will lead the office on day-to-day operations including recruiting, training, and managing staff members in alignment with strategic goals and initiatives determined by Market Leadership. As a part of the Design Practice leadership, you will develop teams for high project performance in the market sectors strategically assigned to the office/region. You will have the opportunity to leverage and engage with Market Leaders, other Managing Partners/Principals, and the marketing team as required to set strategy, manage proposals, and pursue processes to ensure the team will maximize the success of each opportunity for the growth of the office. To thrive, you must provide strong leadership and oversight for the financial success of the Irvine Office and the expansion in the Regional Market.

What your day will look like:

1. Design Practice Leadership

  • Works with the Executive Team to create an agile and successful leadership team for the office, including a succession plan.
  • Is responsible for design excellence and delivery results of the projects performed in the regional office. Guides office design practices to achieve this outcome.
  • Develops, implements, and controls best practices related to the delivery of the work.
  • Elevates the influence of design leadership and technical expertise for the Design Practice.
  • Leads, mentors, and grows project managers and project staff.
  • Develops respect and a strong working relationship with all employees in the office.
  • Responsible for working with HR on recruiting and developing professional growth plans for all employees in the office.

2. Cross-Market Approach

  • Facilitates firm-wide market leadership communication and alignment.
  • Actively navigates the intersection of responsibilities between market leaders and managing Principals by collaborating with market partners in the firm in a supportive and constructive way.
  • Develops the long-term strategy for the office in collaboration with the Executive Team and Market Leaders, and identifies opportunities for strategic acquisitions, talent recruitment, etc.
  • Is a strong directive voice in the leadership of the markets assigned to the office on behalf of the company.
  • Serves as a firm ambassador for executing the vision of the company in the regional office.
  • Effectively contributes to a cooperative, trusting, and collaborative leadership team.

3. Regional Growth

  • Provides professional leadership and cultural identity to the firm and its expression in a regional office.
  • Contributes to the development and implementation of best practices for business development and design services for the office. Final authority for all PSE decisions for pursuits assigned to be led from the office.
  • Entrepreneurial and active in efforts at all levels of business development opportunities.
  • Develops and expands current client opportunities and relationships; establishes new relationships with prospective clients on behalf of the company.

4. Financial Performance

  • Responsible for project financial performance and results of the projects performed in the regional office.
  • Sets performance expectations with direct involvement in project/client pursuits and client management.
  • Provides final approval on any proposals, contracts, projects, competitions, or hiring required for the office.
  • Owns risk management for the office by demonstrating a strong understanding of contractual risks and successfully negotiating for the firm’s interests.
  • Manages the expense spending for the marketing and business development budgets for the office, in alignment with the annual budget.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Minimum of 15 years prior work experience within a related field
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Planning, or related field
  • Licensed or certified professional
  • Sustainability accreditations preferred
  • Established as a firm-wide and external business community leader
  • Demonstrated focus on effectively leading and advocating for others
  • Demonstrated project leadership
  • Proven ownership of client or account acquisition and leadership
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically
  • Proven ability to balance business performance with architectural delivery
  • Demonstrated business leadership expertise in architectural practice, account, and market
  • Active involvement with one or more external community or professional organizations
  • Exhibits the company's Practice Values of Integrated Approach, Design Excellence, Social Responsibility, Leadership, and Results.